Life After Facebook

The first time I tried a “Facebook Fast” was in February of last year and I had just been involved in a horrible car accident. I was hospitalized for a short time and spent the rest of the time recuperating at my parent’s house. Because I was unable to broadcast the news of my accident and give health status updates, no one but my immediate family knew about my accident. Only when my best friend called me and I gave her the news over the phone did she began to pass along the news to our other friends. I forgot how slow normal word of mouth takes to pass along a message. It’s amazing how Facebook can immediately relay a message to our entire social network. We are so spoiled by it! It would have been so much more work to call/text/email every person in my Contacts instead.

One thing I noticed (although I wasn’t in the school environment or working on homework) was that I spent considerably less time on my laptop in general. When I had access to Facebook, I would browse acquaintances pages, click on links and read interesting articles or watch cool YouTube videos and four hours would go by without me even noticing. That week I only went on the computer if there was something specific I needed to look at. Normally I keep my laptop open with my Facebook newsfeed up all the time. I found myself constantly checking it and I knew where all my friends were all the time!

If I’m being completely honest with myself, I was a lot happier during my week without Facebook. I wasn’t so concerned with what all of my “friends” were doing because I didn’t know about it! My real friends could call and tell me what they were up to if it was that important. I realize now that if I spent half as much time focusing on myself as I do wishing I was out doing cool things like everyone on my Facebook friends list, I would be a much happier and successful person. Though this exercise was an extreme test on my willpower, I’m glad that I actually went through with it.

Unfortunately, I resumed Facebook shortly after and it did not take long before I was hooked once again. This is day 2 since I have deactivated my Facebook account for a second time… here’s to hoping I last more than a week this time! At least I still have Instagram!

I sure do love our technological age and it has lots of advantages, but I’ve come to realize I don’t want to be connected all the time. Mark Zuckerberg better be prepared for the inevitable Facebook backlash.

xxGeneration Y